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Who I Am

I am a freelance cinematographer currently living in Los Angeles, California. I’ve been shooting for a little over a decade, and my work ranges from Corporate and Industrial to Narrative and Abstract! I’ve had the good fortune of meeting and befriending a large number of talented filmmakers across the country, and working with them has given me the knowledge and experience necessary to execute wildly diverse visual styles. I’ve shot internationally on high budgets and low budgets, with A-list and No-list talent, and I am more than capable of dealing with the logistics and unique circumstances that come with both environments.

Outside of camerawork I build computers, do motion graphics, use ham radios, fly airplanes and hot air balloons, and SCUBA dive! If you feel that your project is a match for me, I would love to hear from you!


Camera Package

If your production hasn’t settled on a camera kit yet, I can help! I own a full camera package, ready to roll onto set and start working. My kit includes:

  • Arri Alexa Mini
    • ARRIRAW License
    • Arri 4:3 License (Anamorphic enabled!)
    • Arri Look Library License
  • TVLogic VFM-055A 5.5″ OLED Camera Monitor
  • Sigma Cine 18-35 T2
  • Sigma Cine 50-100 T2
  • O’Connor 1030D Tripod System.

For a complete kit/gear list send me a message!

If you’re deadset on using a different camera platform, I have numerous relationships with Owner/Ops and Rental Houses alike. I can get us anything from RED to an FS7. We’ll fit the package into your budget so you can get the best image for the best price!




I’ve shot a few features, and several dozen short films. I know narrative! Whether you’re looking for a single-scene introspective drama or an ‘inject popcorn directly into my veins’ action-packed thriller, I can deliver! That goes for music videos, too! They have the special quality of being visually liberating, and I am no more happy than when I get to stretch my cinematic muscles on a music video project.


I have shot several documentaries both in the US and internationally, and I take pride in my ability to capture the truth of a situation as closely to reality as possible while still maintaining an impressionable and appealing visual style.


I’ve worked with small start-ups trying to craft an identity as well as full-fledged mega corporations looking to reinforce theirs. If you have a product or a message, I can help you put it on the sensor!


I’ve done corporate and industrial projects both internally and publicly for a wide range of companies ranging from nursing homes, to university hospitals, all the way up to some of the world’s biggest brand names. I can keep the project looking good and feeling fresh while sticking to the requirements handed down from above!




Hofstra University Class of 2010

• B.A. Film Studies & Production
• Minor in Fine Art Photography


• Production experience as DP, AC, Gaffer, or Key Grip on over 100 projects (features, shorts, commercial, etc.)
• Competent with many film and nearly all HD camera systems and operations
• Experienced with most Camera platforms (dollies, cranes, jibs, sliders, etc.)
• Proficient with gymbal stabilizing systems (MoVI, Ronin, G-Rig, etc.)
• Proficient with all modern video formats and workflows ranging from Canon and Sony to Red, Arri, Etc.
• Advanced experience with modern film stocks, especially Kodak Vision 2 & 3, and telecine workflows
• Proficient with all lighting and grip equipment
• Experienced with compositing (roto and keying) from production to post production (advanced with After Effects)
• Certified SCUBA diver, Pilot, and Red Cross First Responder

Production Experience

Super: Hero  |  Directed by Steve Sandler and Staci Langdon
Can We Have Just A Moment of Your Time  |  Directed by Ben Mehlman
Growback Like A Starfish  |  Directed by Leah Williams
Step 7  |  Directed by Matthew Colby
The Great Santa Hat Adventure | Directed by Zach Graber
Wish  |  Directed by Kyle Milardo
Whiskey and Cigarettes  |  Directed by Nick Richter
Exit 117 (feature)  Directed by Kevin McMullin
Behind The Magic  |  Directed by Justin Beach
Max Kolb Packages  |  Directed by Justin Beach
Behind The Magic 2  |  Directed by Justin Beach
Sony Ipela Promo  |  Directed by Dave Emmerling
Tó Jęst Söski  |  Directed by Julian Gorski
Crow  |  Directed by Brent Karwatowski
A Beautiful Liar  |  Directed by Leah Williams
There’s Always Tomorrow  |  Directed by Ben Mehlman
I Found A Hole  |  Directed by Kyle Milardo
El Río  |  Directed by Adrian Saba
Fragments  |  Directed by Yiannis Antonas
Giftcard Cons  |  Directed by Chris Blakeman
Aboard The Carousel (feature)   Directed by Kevin McMullin
Mama Mija!  |  Directed by Enza Dolce
The Morning After  |  Directed by Enza Dolce
Friends Without Borders  |  Directed by Enza Dolce
Drinking Buddies  |  Directed by Enza Dolce
Porcupine Hugs  |  Directed by Dan Slottje
The Sun Is On Fire  |  Directed by Jordan Bielsky
The Long Wait  |  Directed by Wolfgang Bodison
Gangsta Waitress  |  Directed by Eric Goodwin
Struck By Her  |  Directed by Kantú Lentz
Luftmenschen  |  Directed by Kantú Lentz
Ranch At Rock Creek  |  Directed by Leah Williams
Between The Forest And The Field  |  Directed by Ben Mehlman
More Credits/References available on request.

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